get looped, loved, and peppered

It’s almost Nano Plobano time. If you haven’t signed up yet, What are you waiting for? A personal invitation? If so, here it is. See ya next month.


Once upon a time, I had my Best Beloved readers enter their names into my address book, in an effort to keep me organized. The address book provided me with a starting place for the more random of my projects.

When I came back, I decided to start from scratch.
That list was for the old Rarasaur blog. Thisnew list is for my fresh start.


I’d love to have you be part of my adventures still.

Whether or not you blog, whether or not you’re a Presser, whether or not you live in the United States– you are invited to add your name. Who knows what projects we could undertake together?  (I imagine they will be as fascinating as arbitrarily polka-dotted zoo animals. Maybe even more so, if we’re lucky.)

I made the list like last time– with lots of optional fields. Whatever information you give, you’re giving it…

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